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At the heart of Symbolein’s technological innovation is the seamless integration of hardware and software. When our hardware expertise of designing complex digital boards, FPGA Development and VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification is combined with cutting-edge OS Porting, Firmware & Device Drivers Development and Wireless & Protocol Stacks to Embedded Application Development, what you get is Embedded Services at its very best.

Symbolein’s focus has always been in developing highly integrated, high performance, low-power and low-cost consumer products and our complete turnkey solutions for system engineering and product development helps us create customizable, integrated solutions specific to your needs.

We host readily available solutions based on ARM, x86, DSP & RISC processors which can be easily customized according to the end application which means shorter development time, reduced development cost and time to market advantages for our customers.

Our Core Strengths:

  • System design and partitioning, from Hardware to FPGA to Software.
  • Multiple SOM modules, Development platforms and BSPs to accelerate the whole development process.
  • An Agile team of Software, Hardware, Systems & Production Engineering.
  • Board level Hardware including Digital & FPGA.
  • Software expertise ranging from Firmware to User Interfaces & Embedded applications.
  • Ensure client confidentiality and design solutions that precisely match customer’s specifications.

To know more about our Embedded Services, please contact us.