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Smart City solutions are based on new generation wireless flat mesh network technology, which enables combining heterogeneous components into a complete system. The Smart City concept enables the integration of smart street lights, individual parking sensors, simple sensors such as movement sensors, but also sub-systems such as building automation systems, cars and monitoring systems of cars.

Intelligent Street Light Control
Smart Street Light solution application that provides savings to the infrastructure owner right away and at the same time build a network for city to be used by other Smart City applications.
The control of the street lights is performed using local rules – once the rules have been received by the device, it is able to operate autonomously and does not need connectivity to the server.

Smart Parking
The solution can provide suggestions and estimates to the motorist on availability of parking spaces.
Monitoring of parking space occupancy using sensors embedded in pavement, delivering information on available parking spaces, and delivering information on availability of parking spaces via mobile phone of the Individual user when the user is in a specific area and trying to locate a parking space.

Smart Traffic
Monitoring traffic flow through different censors and rerouting it via interactive traffic signs when
needed (traffic jam, accident, roadworks, too high pollution level etc)

Smart Transport
Identifier attached to the bus will switch on lights in bus stop in case there are no waiting people there but someone will exit the bus and can manage traffic lights for public transport priority system.
Application will help to monitor usage of bicycles for smarter planning of new rental points, bicycle rental will show available bikes in rental station via web/mobile app.

With car sharing scheme it is possible to locate closest car available via web/mobile app.

Waste Management
Sensors mounted to garbage bins will inform which ones needs to be emptied and therefore it is possible to plan routes for garbage collection minimizing mileage and time for driving reducing overall carbon footprint.

Smart Charging
Smart Street Light solution provides EV charging points to the lamp posts as switching the lights occurs inside the luminaire so the installation can be built in the way that there is always power on the power line.

Integrated Payment Solution
Integrating payment solution allows automatized billing for different situations. When vehicle is equipped with identifier the automatic payment can be applied for parking, entering to certain zone in the city, EV charging etc.