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Our history is illustrious and our future beckons.

Turn the clock five years back, and Symbolein was born. Founded by a passionate group of technocrats and businessmen from three different continents, Symbolein was created with the sole objective of bringing outstanding, innovative products and solutions to the global-consumer. The needs and wants of this consumer have always been changing and throughout our history, we’ve been agile enough to stay one step ahead.

With an exhaustive team of visionaries, their technological expertise and patents working for us, we were able to get the right start-in many ways. Symbolein is credited for developing the world’s first mobile handheld color printer. The race to conquering mobile printer segment was against time and some of the biggest tech companies in the world and yet we won. Our industry-altering, eco-friendly handheld printer is the winner of numerous accolades including the Best Invention & Cool Technology awards in 2010.

Our Management team has also grown over the years, bringing new ideas, many a decade of experience and new solutions to our customers. Click here to know about some of the people behind award-winning products created by Symbolein. Throughout the evolution of Symbolein, our core competency has been to deliver innovative products and we are in continuous pursuit of this goal every single day.

After we changed the face of mobile printers, we’ve now set our sights on LED. For the past few years we’ve been doing extensive research on LEDs and our lighting products will change the face of LED forever.  We understand that history only remembers by the “firsts” and we’re on our way to repeating our previous feats in the lighting segment.

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