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Today many cities are looking for solutions to reduce the electricity consumption of street lights which are partially or sometimes even completely switched off. In recent years LED technology development has led us into a situation where municipalities have started to replace old energy wasting street lights with modern LED luminaires. However, this is only a partial solution. Replacing existing street lights with LED luminaires will only reduce the energy consumption by 40%.

Several research activities has been proposed to tackle these issues. Since 2006 there has been on there were many remote street light control solutions using individual light point control. Results from the existing installations prove that such solutions combined with LED street lights allow reduction of electricity consumption and carbon footprint up to 85%. However these solutions are based on complex networking technology which makes the installation and maintenance process technically complex. These issues keep the cost of deployment of Smart Street light control very high making them economically unreasonable. Therefore, environment-conscious cities have been trying to leverage by deploying streetlights in a limited scale.

Symbolein and CITYNTEL have come together to provide the new generation of IoT (Internet of Things) based smart street light control system with an interface to scale up to other smart city solutions.

What sets us apart from the competition is that our solution requires no configuration upon installation, making the solution truly Plug and Play. This feature gives us a real advantage over competitors, since it will save costs not only from initial deployment, but also from future extensions and exploitation.