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Imagine a color printer so sleek, stylish, and lightweight that it would fit in the palm of your hands. And what if you could print on virtually any surface? You don’t have to imagine anymore, this device is already here.


Handheld Inkjet Printer


Thanks to our technical expertise, commitment and strong patents from our Swedish partners, M/S Printdreams, Symbolein has bought this wonder-printer to life. This handheld marvel is the winner of several awards including Best Invention & Cool Technology awards.

This is not just another portable printer but a true revolution in printer technology. Never before has a printer been packed with features such as Wi-Fi, 2.5 inch Touchscreen with Android interface, 5M pixel digital camera, SD Memory Card slot, USB 2.0 Interface and the best part – a battery that lets you print up to 100 photos on paper, office paper, cardboard, fabrics, walls or anywhere you can think of in one full charge.

This revolutionary printer named PrintBrush with RMPT Lite Technology from Symbolein can print 1200 vivid, crisp 6 x 4” full color prints regardless of surface at 400mm/sec and it weighs less than 350 grams. We have made sure this printer doesn’t even have a single motor, and also very few mechanical parts for extreme reliability.

While pursuing technological innovation & perfection, we are also doing our bit to save the environment. The global adaptation of this technology will save 325,000 metric tons of raw materials and 291 terawatt/hours of electricity every year.

Imagine the possibilities- instant photographs, beautiful memories and infinite printing freedom. This is the perfect peripheral for your laptop, tablet or mobile. Go ahead, discover the artist in you.

Main Specifications:

RMPT Full technology
600 dpi ink jet Lexmark print head
6 x 4” full color printouts
5M pixel digital camera
+SD Memory Card slot
Colour 2.5 Inch Touch Screen display
Wi-Fi enabled
Android OS
USB 2.0 Interface


  • Length: 140 mm, thickness: 37 mm,height: 65 mm
  • Volume: < 320 cc
  • Weight: < 350 g
  • Packaging dimensions: Length: 200 mm, thickness: 145 mm, height: 53 mm
  • RMPT Full and
  • RMPT Lite Technology

Printing Speed & Errors

  • Maximum printing speed: 400mm/sec
  • Optimal recommended printing speed: 100mm/sec
  • Approx. printing time per imprint: 4sec (@ max. speed)
  • Maximum allowed device rotation: +/-150
  • Maximum inherent RMPT error*: 0.4mm (average: 0.2mm)